• On Reflection

    7th July 2011Hampton Court Flower ShowStephanie Donaldson

    Reflecting pool in the World Vision garden

    Reflecting Ball in one of the Conceptual Gardens

    The reflecting ball in the ‘Excuse me while I Kiss the Sky’ conceptual garden was simple and perfect – I could have wandered round it looking at the reflections all day.My top vote went to the World Vision garden with its black reflecting pool and grass dome and cup, edged by grass and then bordered by slabs of composite material with delicate planting in soft purples and white between the slabs.  The reflections were wonderful and when the model stood inside the cup it looked very Alice in Wonderland – especially when she climbed out on a ladder and stepped in the water to reveal that it was all of six inches deep!   Of course it was totally impractical, but it was visually stunning and I returned to it several times.

    This surreal image captures the magic of the World Vision Garden

    A close-up of the planting between the slabs