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    On Home Ground

    30th August 2017Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    Inspired by my experience as an allotment judge, I thought it was time to walk around the site where we have our own plot and see what is going on there.  Andrew is in charge of our allotment.  I’m more than occupied with the garden, so other than growing on young plants for him and helping put up the beanpoles I tend to keep my distance, especially as I’m not sure he entirely welcomes my suggestions on how he could make all ‘look nicer’. Fair enough, productivity rather than aesthetics is his priority – and very good he is at it too.


    apple tree
    The plot next to ours is the flower-filled domain of a Japanese neighbour who relies on his allotment to grow flowers for cutting and a few unusual vegetables, while the next plot along is the result of much constructing of fences and terraces, laying of much landscape fabric – and not much in the way of plants. There is a requirement that at least twenty five per cent of  an allotment is cultivated to retain the tenancy and with the next inspection coming soon I think there may be a ‘use it or lose it’ warning. dahlias