• Off on my Hols

    18th June 2010Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    We are heading off to Transylvania on Saturday for a week of  botanical walks, bird and wildlife watching with Naturetrek. In preparation, both Andrew and I have read ‘Along the Enchanted Way’ by William Blacker.  This extraordinary book about his life amongst the Maramura people in Transylvania in the recent past will have you booking your tickets too!  I’ve been keen to get there for some time – to see it before EU grants kick in and obliterate meadows unchanged since medieval times and change a way of life that has altered little over the centuries.  There are signs that the Romanians are beginning to value their heritage and that pockets will survive, especially in the Carpathian Mountains, but understandably much of the population is keen to join the 21st century. I will report on what I find in my next blog.