• Nursery Temptations

    5th May 2010Independent NurseriesStephanie Donaldson

    phlox paniculata hesperis in full flower I’ve been quite good of late, seldom buying any plants without a specific spot to put them, but the nursery at Dixter was not to be resisted.  My purchases were reasonably rational – one Cirsium rivulare to be planted near another clump to introduce a bit more of that gorgeous deep cerise into the Wall Border and three Phlox Princess Sturdza. I bought the phlox partly because I am increasingly enthusiastic about phlox plants, but mainly because I met Princess Sturdza, a remarkable and formidable lady who died last year. However, having read Bob Brown of Cotswold Garden Flower’s description I think my sentiment was misplaced – he says it is ‘ordinary’ which she certainly wasn’t.  Oh well, they will fill gaps in the Lower Garden.  Consolation was had in the shape of three pots of seedlings given to me by Fergus Garrett.  I’m particularly excited by Papaver ‘Lauren’s Grape’ which I have now pricked out in readiness for planting out later.