• New from Thompson & Morgan

    24th August 2010Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    A couple of weeks ago I  made my annual pilgrimage to the trial grounds at Thompson & Morgan to see what’s on offer in the coming season. I’ve never been very keen on their flower pouch but thought the idea of using them for vegetables was brilliant.  Perfect where space is an issue, for balcony railings and for keeping your veggies away from the local cats and other pests.  They also had a very impressive new ever-bearing strawberry ‘Finesse’ that can be planted fourteen (!) to a grow bag and will crop from May to November. When it comes to flowers power, the new hardy gerbera, known as Garvinea is bound to be a crowd pleaser.  I came away with a cerise pink one and a very pretty white with pink reverse on the petals – just like a lawn daisy on steroids.  They are both very happy in the garden.