• National Nest Box Week

    11th February 2013GeneralStephanie Donaldson
    blue tits entering a nesting box

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    With the annual ‘National Nest Box Week’ running from 14-21 February this is the perfect time of year to site a nest box in your garden. The event aims to encourage everyone to put up a nest box in their local area and help in the conservation and breeding of British wild birds. CJ Wildlife’s Education & Research Officer, Martin George, explained “The wet weather conditions in 2012 impacted on breeding and many species had fewer young so it is more important than ever this year to provide as many breeding sites as we can. Siting a nest box now in preparation for the start of the breeding season means that the birds will become familiar with it and include it in their territories, making it more likely they will use it when the time comes to set up home.”
    Traditionally nest boxes are made from wood but they are also produced using other materials. CJ Wildlife offer the WoodStone® range, constructed from a mix of wood fibres and concrete to offer a longer lifespan and maximum insulation. It is the opening on the nest box that determines which bird it will appeal to most, with Blue Tits, Great Tits and Willow Tits preferring a smaller entrance between 25-28mm whereas Robins, Wrens and Blackbirds prefer a large section of the front to be completely open.

    look closer and you will see that this is actually a birdbox and not a camera When setting up nest boxes location is key. Like us, birds are looking for a home that is safe, secure and warm so position your nest boxes at a height between 1.5m and 5.5m (out of the reach of predators), away from prevailing winds and direct sunlight.

    CJ Wildlife has a range of nest boxes suitable for a variety of species to ensure that all your garden birds are well cared for across the seasons. Visit or call Freephone 0800 731 2820 to request a Free handbook of garden wildlife.