• Mulling it Over

    20th September 2009Places to VisitStephanie Donaldson

    We’ve just returned from a short visit to Mull (note to self: stay longer next time – it’s a very long way). Aside from visiting the marvellous Lip na Cloiche Garden and Nursery, it was the natural beauty of the island that proved irresistible. The heather was beginning to colour the moorland and on the cliffs near the sea there were swathes of bright orange which we eventually identified as bog asphodel in its autumn colours. And the rowans were astonishing, so laden with fruit of such a fiery red that they acted like beacons across the landscape.



    The wildlife was wonderful too; we watched a sea otter repeatedly diving for shellfish in Tobermory harbour, saw an eagle wheeling overhead at Lip na Cloiche and as we left, two pods of porpoises escorted our ferry to Oban. Wonderful.

    I wish I had more photos but there was a problem with the memory card of my new camera.