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    Before getting into what makes a garden modern it will help to lay the foundations of what makes a garden. A quick look on wikipedia will tell you that a garden is a planned space for the display,enjoyment and cultivation of plants. It’s a place where we can exercise a little control over our environment, providing we keep on top of things. One of the earliest references to gardens dates back to the 4th century BC when the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were first described in writing by Berossus. Garden styles have developed over the centuries influenced by cultures, plant discoveries and people.

    What is a modern garden ?

    I suppose this might depend on your own interpretation however the term has been coined to describe a particular type of garden. A modern garden is designed to work in harmony with the home and as such is usually a usable space for enjoyment and spending time outdoors. With the space designed for a particular function a modern garden is an extension of the home, in essence a garden room. In the same way we might organise the furniture in our homes and in keeping with the bauhaus movement principle that ‘form follows function’ plantings are generally set for a purpose.

    With Modern Gardens the planting is generally disciplined and architectural than in other gardens – plants are used in multiples rather than individually to enhance rather than disguise the underlying hard landscaping. Hedges might form walls and doorways cut into these could be used to navigate around the garden as if moving from one room to another. Sculptures and structural designs often echo the natural surrounding with organic shapes integrating with the garden. Essentially a modern garden is functional space for outdoor living. Over the years we’ve seen a number of examples of this and the following thumbnails can be used to see some examples of modern gardens. Perhaps they will offer you a little inspiration should you be looking to create a modern garden for yourself.

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