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    Microgreens – a garden on your windowsill

    14th December 2018GeneralStephanie Donaldson

    An unexpected delivery of a microgreens growing kit from a company called Silly Greens reminded me just how packed with flavour newly sprouted seeds are and how convenient it is to have something growing on your windowsill that will add an extra flavour hit to soups, salads and sandwiches. They are packed with nutrients too, which is definitely a benefit in the season of coughs and colds. silly greens


    The idea behind Silly Greens is that you sign up for regular deliveries, so that you always have something growing on your windowsill. This is ideal for flat dwellers and students and those too busy to organise it themselves. Each pack costs £4 and everything (bar the plants!) can be repacked and sent back using an enclosed Freepost label.


    Of course, none of this is rocket science and anyone with a plastic tray or two, some paper towel, or similar water-holding material (or even soil) can buy packets of microgreen seeds and make their own windowsill garden. Most seed companies, including Suttons, Marshalls, Unwins and Johnsons sell kits and a wide range of seeds. It’s well worth the effort.

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    microgreen seed packet