• May the Force(rs) be with Me

    5th April 2014Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    rhubarb forcers on display in a shop window Great excitement the other day when I spotted a stunning collection of vintage rhubarb forcers in the window of one of our local antique shops. They weren’t all that expensive (1/3rd London prices) but I was in a sensible mood and persuaded myself that much as I liked them I didn’t NEED them.
    rhubarb forcers in use at Gravetye early shoots of rhubarb under a forcer However, the next day I was at Gravetye Manor where they were using their collection of antique rhubarb forcers in the walled garden and I felt my resolve slipping a bit.
    two rhubarb forcers on display in the shop Which is why I found myself in the shop the next day buying two of them.
    two new rhubarb forcers in my garden I certainly don’t need them and they are not being used to force rhubarb at the moment but they are such lovely objects that I am sure I won’t regret the purchase. And yes, I do realise the lids are newer but they will weather down in time.