• July in the Garden

    9th July 2009In The GardenStephanie Donaldson

    I picked this posy of roses, sweet peas, dianthus and alchemilla for my friend Jilly’s birthday.

    A cool, shady corner of the Courtyard has proved the ideal spot for a pot of chervil. It doesn’t like direct sun.


    Alchemilla | Pot of Chervil

    Diascia personata is a real performer. It has proved hardy (even last winter), is currently well over 1metre tall as it weaves among other plants, and is flowering its socks off.

    According to Crocus Clematis Princess Diana flowers from August onwards, but my plant seems to have other ideas.


    Diascia Personata | Clematis Princess Diana

    Rosa Veichenblau scrambles happily through the branches of my Viburnum opulus in semi shade where its flowers are seen to best effect.

    The first Agapanthus are just coming into bloom.


    Rosa Veichenblau | Agapanthus

    Geranium maderense self seeds round the garden, as happy in shade as in sun. Although the flowerheads look a bit tatty on close inspection the effect is lovely as they float above the surrounding planting.

    The combination of variegated leaves and the lemony/rose scent of Pelargonium ‘Lady Plymouth’ makes it one of the best scented pelargoniums.


    Geranium Maderense | Pelargonium ‘Lady Plymouth’