• Looking Good in the Garden in April

    21st April 2010In The GardenStephanie Donaldson

    From the top :

    1) The iris have a fresh mulch of gravel.

    2) The peas are growing well in the potager.

    3) The first broad bean flowers are  out.

    4) Prunus incisa Kojo no Mai – a delicate dwarf flowering cherry

    5) Freshly mulched with Strulch the borders are full steam ahead.

    6) Primroses in the woodland area

    7) Camellia Jury’s Yellow.

    8.) The forced rhubarb is ready to pick

    9) Narcissus Thalia and The Bride surrounding the bird bath.

    10) Some of the early tomatoes have been transplanted into deep pots to encourage the formation of more roots.

    11) The grow light in use.

    12) Tulipa sylvestris at the foot of the tulip tree

    13) A couple of weeks ago it was bare earth around the hellebores, now they are surrounded by greenery.

    14) The earliest tomato plants are nearly ready to plant out.
    15) The luscious shoots of Paeony Late Windflower.

    16) Sturdy young tomatoes under the grow light