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    Let there be Light

    12th March 2017Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    Until this week, coming into our garden at night has been a hazardous venture for those with less-than-perfect night vision.  This includes me.  The steps that lead down from the door in the wall to the front door have defied all attempts to illuminate them with solar lights and the sensor for the lights along the front of the house didn’t kick in soon enough, so it was a matter of using the torch on my phone or feeling my way.  It was an accident waiting to happen, so I decided the time had come to do it properly with mains connected lighting.  There are lots of lovely, very expensive, outdoor lights but I wasn’t in the market for them – I was after something effective and discreet and I am totally delighted with my choice.  Their functional appearance will soon disappear beneath the foliage, they are mounted on spikes so that I can move them a short distance and the head can be adjusted so that – should I want to – I can illuminate a plant that is looking particularly lovely. In addition, because they are LED lights they emit no heat, so there is no problem about them being surrounded by foliage.  What was an added bonus is that they have transformed an area of Stygian blackness into somewhere rather lovely.

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    By now you may be wanting to have more details about these lights and although I am not in the habit of promoting products on my blog (I did pay in full for them) they are Searchlight 3440BK LED Black Aluminium Outdoor Ground Spikes from Scotlight Direct and cost £46.08p each.