• Learning from the Experts

    15th April 2016Places to VisitStephanie Donaldson

    camellia tied back Visiting a famous garden is not just (generally) a delightful experience – it can also be a masterclass in good gardening techniques. On my recent visit to Sissinghurst I was particularly impressed by the way that the evergreen Magnolia remained tight to the wall that it was growing against. Close examination revealed that any protruding branches had been discreetly tied back with twine– something I plan to emulate with my own magnolia. IMG_4235

    Equally, during my visit to Great Dixter’s Spring Plant Fair, I made time for a wander round the garden. The traditional display round the front door was a mini-Keukenhof with a vivid display of spring bulbs, but I really liked the pots that were waiting in the wings. They reveal just how densely the bulbs are planted. Something worth remembering in the autumn. pots of spring blooms promise of tulips