• Kiss & Go

    25th December 2012Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    kiss and go mistletoe Kiss & Go is an old Somerset name for mistletoe. The RHS has an interesting tip if you are contemplating trying to grow some of the berries once they have done their kissing duty. The famous plantsman Graham Stuart Thomas swore by Sellotape. After you have found a suitable host (apple, hawthorn, lime or poplar) pick a dry day and secure a fresh whole berry to a branch using the Sellotape. (It is important not to use old and dry berries). In about 2 years’ time (not a task for a gardener in a hurry) keep an eye open for little green shoots which will indicate that the mistletoe has taken. Recognise the red bow on my mistletoe? It was recycled from the Burgon & Ball Kneelo.

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