• Keeping the Cats Away

    19th April 2009Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    Titus the cat strikes a pose in the garden It is an unfortunate fact that cats view a carefully prepared seedbed as a large and very inviting litter tray. This can be disheartening – not to say unhygienic. After years of devising ever-more-elaborate ways of dissuading them, I have decided that one of the quickest – and most effective – methods is to use peasticks. Simply lay them across the seedbed. There will still be sufficient light for the seeds to germinate, they are easy to move aside for weeding and the cats won’t like having to pick their way amongst the branches. I generally use last year’s pea sticks, which have become too brittle to use as plant supports but are ideal for this purpose. Once the seedlings are growing well, I reposition the peasticks so that they are in parallel rows between the seedlings for a few more weeks, before removing them entirely. Then I put them through the shredder and use them as a mulch.