• Jeni Cairns Gorgeous Recycled Garden

    11th July 2014Hampton Court Flower ShowStephanie Donaldson

    recycling garden at Hampton Court
    Another worthy Gold Medal (and Best Summer Garden) winner was A Space to Connect & Grow designed by Jeni Cairns with Sophie Antonelli. There is nothing rough-hewn or amateurish about the way Jeni works with recycled industrial materials, whether it is her delicate filigree cutouts fashioned from the bases of steel drums, or a water feature made from recycled orange panels and green arms from a combine harvester. Add to this some accomplished planting and the end result is a recycled garden where it does not feel like the design has been compromised in any way. jeni Cairns garden at Hampton Court 2014 view of recycled garden at Hapton Court Flower Show 2014