• jardin agapanthe

    Jardin d’Agapanthe

    14th June 2011Places to VisitStephanie Donaldson

    This is a garden that has been on my list of places to visit for a while now.  About half an hour north of Rouen, it is an extraordinarily sophisticated and beautiful garden tucked away on two sides of a road  in a tiny village.

    aganpanthus by the hundred

    Alliums amongst box and hydrangea paniculata

    Alexandre Thomas is the presiding genius and he was yet another example of how contemporary French gardeners can beat us at our own game when they put their minds to it.   Alexandre is also a very successful interior designer and he does treat the garden rather like a set, bringing in mature plants and moving things around to create effects and the result is quite breathtaking.  The trick of top dressing the soil with a deep layer of sand had the effect of bringing light to even the shadiest areas – very clever.

    architectural border to the front of the house

    The house is unrestored inside, just decorated externally as the ultimate architectural feature in the garden

    white wisteria in full bloom

    White wisteria overhanging the gate between the two gardens at Jardin d’Agapanthe

    path running through dry garden amongst eremurus

    The entire garden has been given a top dressing of deep sand – it lights the plants from below

    white magnolia in flower

    Magnolia wilsonii

    fox tail lily in flower

    The dell garden with towering eremurus

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