• How to build a greenhouse base

    13th February 2014Timely AdviceStephanie Donaldson

    High winds across the country last night will have seen a number of cheap greenhouses disappearing into the wind. Most greenhouses these days cost hundreds of pounds so before you go about buying a new one give some thought to how you might securely anchor your new one in place to avoid further disappointment and cost.  A number of greenhouse companies provide a base plan when you order your structure. Usually this gives you the footprint size of the greenhouse  and provides some guidance as to the sort of base you should prepare. A simple concrete footing double the width of a brick is usually sufficient with a depth around 6 inches. It’s a good idea to use shuttering when laying the base so you can raise the base above the surrounding ground level. The greenhouse base rail can sit directly onto the concrete.  Fixing the structure to the base should be done in several places directly through the baserail. The concrete can be drilled with a masonry bit to accept a plug and screw. Use of a strong screw and washer will ensure that the fixing  stays firmly in place on the baserail.  The same method of fixing can be used on flagstones too. Once everything is in place read our how to start a greenhouse guide.

    Anchoring your greenhouse to a decent base is essential.  Before making your purchase be sure to read our guide to buying a greenhouse.