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    How much do the Best Luxury Greenhouses cost ?

    15th February 2018Timely AdviceDaniel Carruthers

    There are many greenhouses on the market in the United Kingdom but there are four independent greenhouse manufacturers that stand above the rest in terms of quality. These are Cultivar greenhouses, Alitex, Hartley Botanic and Gabriel Ash. All produce a Victorian Greenhouse and three produce cheaper  (or less expensive) models with wider pane centres.  In this guide we give you an idea of how much greenhouses cost from each supplier based on one of the most popular sizes of greenhouses in the UK – eight by ten foot. At this level all the greenhouses come with toughened safety glass, aluminium guttering, and reasonable ventilation as standard.

    cultivar greenhouse

    A view inside a cultivar greenhouse.

    How Much is a Cultivar Greenhouse ?

    Cultivar produce a Modern and Victorian range of greenhouses made from a combination of materials – Accoya wood and aluminium. Both models are 8′ wide by 10’5″ long. The modern greenhouse glazed to the ground has a list price of £6440 including VAT and fitting. During sale periods this price is £5725. The Victorian greenhouse of the same size is around £7400 fitted including VAT and can be as little as £6589 during sale periods. You should also budget around £600 for a side of staging and shelving. Cultivar have an advantage over both Alitex and Hartley Botanic in that their greenhouse do not require the construction costs or complications involved in building a dwarf wall, a simple level base is all that is required. This is the most up to date greenhouse on the market at a competitive price. But perhaps that’s what you might expect since the people behind it are the previous owners of Gabriel Ash and Hartley Botanic.

    How much is a Hartley Greenhouse ?

    This obviously depends on the specification as well as the size but if we take a popular size, say 8 x 10, they have a traditional model at (8’2″ x 10′ 5″ approx) and you buy this without accessories during the sale the price is in the order of £5000. This sits on a dwarf wall so you will need to factor in the cost of buying the materials for the wall and having it constructed. If you opt for a similar size greenhouse in their Victorian range then the list price of this is somewhere in the region of £10,500 but is reduced during the sale periods to £8000, again you need to factor in the additional cost of building the dwarf wall. This cost does not include accessories. The cheaper model with staging shelving and assembly will likely cost you in the order of £6000 whilst the Victorian model will be closer to £9000.

    How much is a Gabriel Ash Greenhouse ?

    Working along the same lines as the Hartley Botanic above Gabriel Ash also produce a Victorian model. The width is a little smaller than most being (7′ 6″ approx and 10′ 3″) and has a list price of £8250 but this during sales is reduced to £6875 including fitting but no accessories.  The cost for one side of Staging and shelving which is perhaps the most important accessory is £625. So all in you’re looking at around £7500 including VAT. This will require a base building and it is recommended to lift the structure off the ground with a course of brick to lift the cedar away from moisture.

    How much is an Alitex Greenhouse ?

    If you thought they were expensive then wait until you learn the price of an Alitex. Are you sitting down ?  The Hidcote which is part of the National trust range measures 8’5″ x 10’1″ and costs £11,250 including VAT for the basic model without any accessories or construction of the base.

    We hope you’ve found this brief guide to greenhouse prices helpful. Obviously prices can go up or down depending on each manufacturer and the offers they might be putting on. These prices are offered in good faith at the time of writing in February 2018.  So what are you waiting for ? Spring is around the corner, take a look at these four and make your choice.