• Hot News on the Badger Front

    8th October 2010Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    Regular followers will know that I have my fair share of badger bother in this garden – especially when they munch their way through my newly planted tulip bulbs!  I’ve come up with a number of deterrents in the from Wire netting to Robust Hurdles.

    And now a possible solution has come my way courtesy of greengardener, specialists in wildlife friendly deterrents. Nite Eyes (£19.99 or £49.99 for 3) is a solar-powered unit  that repels both foxes & badgers by mimicking the eyes of a predator. The unit charges by day and then comes on automatically at dusk when the two red LED lights in the front start to flash. It does not harm the animals, but they will feel threatened because they believe it’s the eyes of another animal. It is this sense of being watched that the animals do not like so they turn tail and run away. I’ve ordered three and will report the results here and on the allotment.