• horse pulling cart in Transylvania


    4th July 2010Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    The more remote we were the fewer cars we saw and certainly in Magura the normal methods of transport were foot, horseback or cart.  We travelled down to the valley below by cart one day – a not entirely comfortable experience.  Although the cart did have pneumatic tyres there were no springs and seating was by way of rough hewn planks slotted across the cart covered with woven carpets.  It was a matter of holding on tight and hoping you didn’t fall out or that the horse didn’t stumble.  Picturesque certainly, but the fact that I elected to walk back UP might indicate my reluctance to get back on board.  Andrew walked both ways and on his way down a van stopped to say that a bear had been seen just ahead.  He said it quickened his pace enormously and sharpened his senses too!