• Honey I Shrunk the Tree

    23rd December 2012Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    small Christmas tree for table top We usually have a 10ft Christmas tree in our living room which had a previous life as a gymnasium in a small school. Consequently we have lovely high ceilings and it seems a shame not to install a suitably large tree. But there are 4 reasons why I’ve opted for a small table top model this year:


    1. The nice people at The Garden Centre Group sent me a small potted tree as a Christmas present – thank you
    2. Although my knee is much better, its probably wise not to be climbing a ladder to decorate the top of the tree
    3. It’s the right scale for Lucas, my 2 year old grandson and I’ve only used unbreakable ornaments so I won’t worry about him touching them
    4. Titus the cat got very involved with the decorating, making off with various ornaments, but considered the tree too small to climb –         I didn’t relish trying to coax him down from a 10ft specimen

    titus the cat in a holly tree
    cat at bar cartoon