• Hellebores of Every Hue

    3rd March 2015Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    yellow butter hellebore dark hellbore flower yellow hellebore white hellebore
    I love the many colour variations you get with hellebores – even the less successful natural crosses that pop up in the garden look good when tucked in amongst the star performers. Many years ago I had the good fortune to visit Elizabeth Strangman at Washfield Nursery (sadly long gone) and was entrusted with a few plants (buying one was a bit like adopting one of her children). I’m not sure she was entirely confident that I was worthy of the task, but most have survived and thrived. I did lose a double, but I think they are generally trickier and less inclined to thrive. Of them all, I think it is the picotee with the strongly veined markings that is my favourite – just don’t ask me the varietal names – I would need to consult an expert. flowering hellebores pink hellebore