• Has Diarmuid Grown Up?

    24th May 2011GeneralStephanie Donaldson

    The Wonkavator sits well in the garden

    ‘Never!’ would probably be his reply – and it’s true that his Wonkavator is highly theatrical and (as  ever) a challenge to the powers that be at the RHS – but the underlying garden design is accomplished and well executed and I really liked it.  It’s a garden of shapes, textures and reflections and when the  Wonkavator is on the ground it sits beautifully in amongst the foliage, its curving shape and strong (but not dominating colour) drawing the eye along the curving metal path.

    Diarmuid in flight on his Wonkavator

    One of the reflecting pools

    A trio of paler pools surrounded by bamboo

    The single flowering plant in Diramuid's garden is an arum. The flowering plants on the Wonkavator are invisible when it's on the ground