• Happy Christmas from me and my Feathered Friends

    25th December 2013Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    christmas wreath with bird sat on it I’ve had these birds for years and they get an outing every Christmas – sometimes perching on bare branches in a vase accompanied by papier mache pears, but this year they’ve got the starring roles perching on the Christmas wreath on the front door along with some berries to stave off hunger and some nifty battery operated lights. A few of their legs came of in the process but I’ve managed to wire them in place and they should last through the festivities provided the local fox doesn’t mistake them for his Christmas dinner. Next year I might need to invest in a new flock. Fortunately we have the most amazing maker of all things artificial in the flower, fruit, foliage and feather department just down the road. Shirley Leaf & Petal have existed since Victorian times and there is absolutely no occasion for which they cannot supply suitable accessories. So that’s Christmas sorted. Happy Christmas everyone.