• Gulf Stream Glories

    31st August 2015Places to VisitStephanie Donaldson

    tree fern tropical scottish garden I’m sure that Logan is still lovely on an overcast day (of which Scotland has a few) but it was at its very best on a hot sunny day when the eucalyptus and many sub tropical plants look perfectly at home against a bright blue sky.  Metrosideros umbellata close up of Metrosideros umbellata

    The star of the show was a magnificent Metrosideros umbellata – a tender New Zealand tree I had never heard of before – not only was it a fabulous sight, it was alive with bees who clearly loved it as much as I did.  Polylepis australis

    Other plants that particularly caught my eye included a Polylepis australis with its extremely shaggy bark (and an opportunistic fern that had taken up residence) and a worth-copying-at-home planting of blue agapanthus with thalictrum delaveyi. Definitely worth a visit. blue agapanthus with thalictrum delaveyi