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    29th October 2011Places to VisitStephanie Donaldson
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    Green Futures, Grootbos

    It is impossible to visit South Africa without being aware of the vast chasm between the richest and the poorest and to feel fearful for the future.  There are good things happening though, one of which is Green Futures at Grootbos. Unemployed youths from the local township are being taught to harvest seed and take cuttings from the fynbos in the reserve. Not only does this start them on the path of earning a living, it also spreads the word that the natural flora has a value and is worth preserving. They grow plants on and sell them in their nursery to help finance the programme.  They are also taught to use a computer and to drive –essential life skills if they are improve their outlook.  Three of the students are currently on an exchange at the Eden Project where they can use their fynbos skills in the South African area of the Mediterranean biome.