• Great Dixter Nursery

    5th October 2013Independent NurseriesStephanie Donaldson

    old barn at Great Dixter Nursery There’s something immensely satisfying about visiting an iconic garden like Great Dixter and then being able to go to the nursery to buy some of the plants that have caught your eye. With its history of plantsmanship and innovation under the inspirational guidance of the late Christopher Lloyd and now Fergus Garrett, there are always exciting plants in the garden and many of them can be bought from the nursery. Every time I make a visit I spot something irresistible. This time it was Francoa ramosa – a white flowered Francoa that should be hardy in my very sheltered seaside garden. The selection on offer at the nursery includes a comprehensive collection of clematis – and now is the perfect time to plant clematis. If you can’t get to Great Dixter in person, you can buy plants online from a random collection of pots at Great Dixter Nursery plants for sale in the nursery at Great Dixter healthy looking seedlings for sale at great dixter