• Gorilla (as opposed to Guerilla) Gardening

    29th May 2014Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    To my great joy I have finally found a product that fixes broken terracotta really effectively. Gorilla Glue is an American product that claims to mend just about anything – including metal, stone, ceramic and wood – so I thought I would see what it could do for a large vintage pot that has been rather unsuccessfully held together with wires for the last few years. All I had to do was wet one of the sides to be bonded, apply the glue and then push the two surfaces together. Clamping is advised for a firm repair, but I just turned the pot upside down as its weight was as effective as a clamp. As it bonds the surfaces, the glue expands and oozes out of either side of the repair. I’ve left the inner side untouched (it will be covered with soil) but on the outside I scraped away the excess with a penknife and then rubbed over the repair with a piece of broken terracotta – it is quite noticeable at the moment but will soon weather down and disappear. It’s wonderful to have my pot back in one piece. terracotta pot being glued back together terracotta pot how it looks after being glued