• Gimme Shelter

    22nd November 2015In The GardenStephanie Donaldson

    Seems that finally – after this long, warm autumn – the cold weather is about to arrive. With this in mind I have been busy bringing vulnerable plants undercover. The brugmansia was still flowering prolifically, but I took a deep breath and cut it back to about 50cm and have now given it a fleece cover as it is far too large to move. brugmansia

    Succulents are hunkered down under a cloche where they will get plenty of light, but no water. Like many hot climate plants they are surprisingly tolerant of cold – it’s the wet they hate. cloche succulents

    The really tender plants are now mainly in the greenhouse and conservatory – and one of the citrus trees gets a starring role on the kitchen windowsill. I would love to bring all three indoors as they are flowering prolifically but they would cut out all the light in the kitchen. The other two are on a table in front of the window in the garage – the nearest I get to an orangery! citrus tree

    large lemon
    I’m very proud of the lemons I’ve grown this year – best ever. Time to pick some I think; I left them on the tree while they were outside because they look so pretty, but they will go unnoticed in the garage.

    black eyed susan going rampant

    In the garden

    I took a few moments to admire the black-eyed Susan that has romped 3 metres up the ivy this summer – it will disappear with the cold. The last time I saw this plant growing so rampantly was in South Africa (see it here)where it grows wild and is considered a nuisance.