• Get to Grip with Growpots

    22nd April 2012Stephanie RecommendsStephanie Donaldson


    I’ve been using Growpots to grow tomatoes for several years now and am convinced that they improve the performance of growbags. I needed to go online to remind myself about the watering routine and I thought it might be useful to show the planting up process.
    • Before you start, give your growbags a good shake to make sure the soil is evenly distributed and not lumpy. I use New Horizon Organic & Peat Free Growbags.
    • Pierce several holes in the bottom of each growbag and put them in position. Each growbag will support 3 Growpots.

    growbags with three holes
    • Use the serrated teeth on the bottom of the Growpot to cut a hole in the growbag – you will need to twist firmly.

    growbag with hole cut in top
    • Once the Growpots are in position push a cane into each one – I tie the canes to wires stretched across the greenhouse to keep them firmly in place.

    growbag with cane firmly located

    canes tied to wire
    • Half fill the Growpots with compost and plant your tomatoes.
    • Add half a litre of water to the inner pot and fill the outer trough to the rim and leave to seep into the growbag. For the first 2 weeks don’t add any further water to the outer ring.
    • For the next month pour a litre of water into the outer trough every second on third day, preferably in the morning.
    • Water and liquid feed the inner pot at least once a week – it mustn’t dry out, but do not use tomato feed until the first fruit has set – before that use a week solution of general purpose plant food
    • After that fill the outer trough with water every day on hot sunny days
    • Once the fruit starts to ripen gradually reduce the amount of water.