• Geranium Palmatum in flower

    Geranium Palmatum – What a Performer

    22nd December 2013In The GardenStephanie Donaldson
    Geranium Palmatum in flower

    Geranium palmatum in its summer finery

    before flowering Geranium Palmatum has lush green foliage

    Geranium palmatum with its glossy December foliage

    I’m revelling right now in the wonders of Geranium Palmatum. It loves the conditions in our sheltered coastal garden and happily seeds itself around in a most decorative way. There aren’t many plants that look this good in the borders at this time of year and although it can be knocked back by really cold and wet weather, it seems to bounce back once things warm up again and should we have a spell of extended cold, there always seem to be seedlings hunkered down in a sheltered corner that will survive even when their elders succumb. Not only does it provide glossy green foliage when not much else is happening in the garden, it’s also the perfect setting for the tulips and foxgloves and alliums that will grow up through it and then it will celebrate summer with a cloud of its own magenta pink flowers.