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    Gem Squash – Everyone should Grow Them

    8th September 2017In The GardenStephanie Donaldson

    I’m a bit mystified as to why more people don’t grow gem squash.  I do understand that if space is an issue they may require a bit more effort than courgettes, but given that they can be trained up a sturdy wooden tripod, or encouraged to climb a fence, they really are worth trying. Especially as they stop growing at tennis ball size and don’t turn into marrows overnight!  Having grown up in South Africa, they are a vegetable that I have known since childhood – and I have never wavered in my enjoyment of them, either picked fresh as they are now, or stored for winter.  Eaten now, I steam them cut in half with a dab of butter, pepper and salt and eat them skin, seeds and all. Those stored for winter will develop a hard skin and deep yellow, nutty flavoured flesh. I save the seeds for sowing next year.

    Put them on your seed order for next year – you won’t be disappointed.