• Compost

    Compost is the organic gardener’s vital ingredient and  the compost heap is the engine room of the garden, recycling garden waste and transforming it into fertility to sustain the cycle of growth.

    Before you embark on making compost it will help to have an understanding of what is required to turn your garden and household waste into this miraculous fertiliser. So whether you’re just starting out or a compost aficionado you’ll find the below articles and infographics a useful reference for the future.

    comfrey tea

    Beyond Compost

    Leafmould If you have deciduous trees in your garden, you will be able to make leafmould - another useful material for the organic gardener. Making it is ...

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    How to make Compost

    The Science Bit A compost heap works using aerobic decomposition. In other words, oxygen is needed for the process to take place. This is why mixing ingre...

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