• Gardener’s Greetings

    12th December 2015Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    While the weather kept me out of the garden I’ve been doing some shopping. Most recently at Hi Fest a brilliant local event that brings in talented illustrators from around the country. I found some great greetings cards with a horticultural flavour. I love Polly Fern’s work, both on paper and ceramics – I rather hanker after one of her plates or vases, but for the moment I am making do with some cards.

    polly fern

    4 cards from Polly Fern

    Sarah Edmonson’s ‘Hoes’ would go down well with any allotment holder  sarah edmonson and I loved the historical references in Eleanor Taylor’s cards – she doesn’t appear to sell through her website, but I will be keeping an eye on her and will do an update if she does in the future, but it is still worth visiting her website Eleanor Taylor