• Galapagos in Your Back Garden:

    25th August 2010BiodiversityStephanie Donaldson
    Golden ringed Dragonfly

    Golden ringed Dragonfly

    In yesterday’s Independent Stanley Johnson (father of blonde bombshell Boris) wrote a fine feature about the danger of eco-tourism destroying this unique habitat. Instead of travelling to the furthest side of the world damaging the planet as you go, why not leave that to David Attenborough and the BBC’s wildlife photographers (and HD television) and explore the wildlife in your own back garden instead.  All you need is a good hand lens and the time to examine the flora and fauna in close-up.   You will be amazed what you find when you really start to look.  Birds in Your Garden and Collins Complete Guide – British Insects and The Wildflowers of Britain and Ireland will help with identification and you can learn more on the subject at and