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    Feed on Friday

    13th April 2015Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    seaweed extract plant feed I was recently a panel member on a Q&A session with the wonderful Jekka McVicar – Queen of Herbs and font of much wisdom.  Jekka is a great communicator and has a way of imparting ideas in memorable ways. [Tweet “Tip from @JekkasHerbFarm – Liquid feed your pot plants EVERY Friday during growing season.”] On the day in question the advice that I came away with and have started to follow is that she liquid feeds all her potted plants EVERY Friday during the growing season.  She told us that it makes an enormous difference to the health and growth rate of her plants – and anyone who is familiar with Jekka’s herbs will know they always look superb. Her chosen feed is Maxicrop which is made from seaweed.  I have just bought a ten litre container of  Maxicrop and will be out there every Friday following her good advice. Thanks Jekka.