• Farmers Pick Fight with Gardeners

    17th October 2012Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    the blight resistant sarpo potatoes I know it’s been a bad year for everyone who is growing things, but I’m not sure that it helps for farmers to put the boot in and blame the poor potato harvest on people who grow-their-own. According to them we are to blame for the spread of blight. Fortunately Thompson & Morgan has mounted a stout defence of those that prefer to grow their potatoes without a weekly dose of fungicide spray and pointed home growers in the direction of the blight resistant Sarpo potatoes. We have grown them very successfully for several years and they remain healthy and green until they naturally die back. With other varieties we do what the majority of gardeners do and cut back all the foliage at the first sign of blight and dispose of the foliage by burning or binning rather than composting. Perhaps farmers should grow more Sarpo potatoes?

    sarpo potatoes compared to ordinary potatoes

    Just look at how well Sarpo perform compared to ordinary potatoes.