• Jurinea

    Dry Meadows & Waysides of Istria

    24th May 2018Places to VisitStephanie Donaldson

    Whether it was steeply sloping meadows of Orlaya grandiflora, the brilliant blues of Salvia pratensis and Nice milkwort, or Dittany dotted grasslands there was always something to keep me interested. Lanes were lined with starbursts of Dianthus carthusianorum, the deadly poisonous Swallowwort was deceptively attractive and the flowers of wild lettuce looked much nicer than the bitter taste of the somewhat narcotic leaves. Among the plants I would happily have in my garden was the large-flowered Austrian flax, the lovely purple-flowered Jurinea and a rather fine cerise-flowered clover. Of course, the chances of them growing in a coastal garden in the south-east of England are remote, but I can dream.

    Salvia pratensis

    Salvia pratensis


    Wild lettuce in flower


    Trifolium medium




    Dittany – despite its pretty looks it is phototoxic and can cause nasty blisters if touched

    Dianthus carthusianorum,pinks

    Dianthus carthusianorum

    Nice milkwort

    Nice milkwort (Nice the place, not a judgement)

    Orlaya grandiflora

    Orlaya grandiflora


    A dittany dotted meadow

    Austrian flax

    Austrian flax


    Poisonous swallowwort