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    Delighted – as ever – by Great Dixter

    18th October 2015GeneralStephanie Donaldson

    great dixter sign I’m now firmly of the opinion that the Great Dixter Plant Fair is my favourite horticultural event of the year.  Of course it does help that it’s not far from home – and fine weather adds immeasurably to the pleasure – but it’s the informality that I love, along with a brilliant selection of plants from some wonderful nurseries, the opportunity to see the garden at its autumnal peak and – last but not least – the brilliantly organised parking with Fergus guiding each car into its allotted spot and his many charming and smiling helpers directing us in and out of the car park.  This may sound like a rather daft thing to include, but I’ve been to so many events where the parking is chaotic or managed by charmless bullies and it really can spoil the day. Although dates for next year are not confirmed as yet, it usually takes place on the first weekend of October – and there is also a Spring Fair.  I recommend you put them in your diary as soon as they appear on Great Dixter’s website. great dixter nursery plants for sale at great dixter dahlias