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    Create your own Seed Packets

    20th July 2014Timely AdviceStephanie Donaldson

    Unless you diligently dead-head your annuals you’ll likely find an abundance of seed heads replacing the flowers as summer strides forward. The long warm days are great for drying seeds heads and there’s something very satisfying about harvesting them, it’s like money in the bank for next year.  I tend to leave them to dry out for a few weeks in a tray on a high shelf. Thereafter they can be put in packets, labelled and dated.  A pack of seeds makes a wonderful and thoughtful present, I tend to make up a few packets which can be used as emergency gifts or easily sent as a surprise with a letter.  Our free seed packet creator allows you to design your own seed packet. You can choose from a range of colours and patterns as well as enter a message before you print them out, so now you can be organised and prepared for the year ahead with style. Enjoy !
    free custom seed packet templates

    Step 1

    Using our free seed packet templates choose your pattern, colour and type your message.

    Step 2

    cutting out a seed packet template Print out your custom seed packet and cut it out.

    Step 3
    where to fold the seed packet
    Fold tabs along dotted lines and glue them down. make your own seed packets

    Step 4
    home made seed packet template
    Put your dried seeds in and seal the top tab ! Voila.

    a useful tip for saving seeds

    funny donut seed packet