• Christmas Tree Slayer/Sleigher?

    7th January 2015Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    Our tree was fading fast from glossy green to grey green – it was time for it to go. The decorations and the lights were packed away and the tree was carried outdoors where it was swiftly reduced to a pile of branches and its central stem thanks to the Christmas Tree Slayer/Sleigher (I didn’t save the sleeve and can’t remember the spelling) loppers sent to me by the good folk at Burgon & Ball. Investigating their website, I think this was a clever bit of seasonal repackaging of their Mini Bypass Lopper, but whatever it is called it worked a treat. TIP: I keep some of the individual branches to cover vulnerable plants in case very cold weather or heavy snow is forecast. I also shred some to use as a mulch on the strawberries in the tree has been lopped for recycling