• bright tulip ballerina in flower in pot

    Bright & Beautiful

    5th December 2010Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    brown-sugar-tulip Last Monday was a bright and (relatively) warm day, which was fortunate as I had arranged for some help in the garden from Shane who never seems to mind what the weather is like or what we do.  We set to and got most of the tulips that were destined for the Courtyard into their  allotted containers.  This is the area devoted to the oranges, reds and yellows  that look decidedly brassy elsewhere in the garden.  My favourite new tulip last year was the browny-bronze ‘Cairo’ so I’m planting it again along with another newcomer ‘Brown Sugar’ as well as my favourite fragrant varieties ‘General de Wet’ and the lily-flowered ‘Ballerina’ which is my desert island tulip.