• Bluebell Blues

    2nd April 2016In The GardenStephanie Donaldson

    By far the greater number of bluebells in my garden are the Spanish interlopers and I suspect it is a life’s work to rid the garden of their presence, so I try to restrict them to the woodland area of the garden where they look vaguely appropriate.  I don’t like them in the borders though, so now that there has been some good rain, I am taking advantage of the soft soil to dig up as many as I can, well before they can set seed and spread still further.  I haven’t managed to get every bulb out, so some will return, but I have found that this is the best time of year to tackle them. This post will help you identify your bluebells. The leaves can go on the compost heap, but the bulbs will be going on a trip to the local tip. Hasta la vista babies! bluebell blues