• Best Support Act

    28th April 2016Places to VisitStephanie Donaldson

    When it comes to plant supports, Sarah Raven really has it sorted.  I visited Perch Hill last weekend to see the various structures before they all disappear beneath their coverings of plants.   beanpole plant supports peastick plant supports The scale of everything is much bigger than anything I can do in my garden, but then she does have the luxury of space and can allow everything to grow to its full size. Sarah uses coppiced hazel and birch for her supports – these are much generally much easier to get hold with the increase in managed woodland. peas planted below supports woven hazel If you have a bit of space in your garden it’s well worth planting some hazel – it is such a useful material. I was at the Chelsea Physic Garden recently and took a photo of a coppiced hazel  in one of their borders which shows clearly how they have bought it back into coppicing by taking out the large trunks so that it send out straight new growth.  straight new growth on hazel