• Berried Treasures

    30th October 2010Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    Friends in Suffolk have a wonderful garden that once surrounded a far older and grander house.  Fragments of the old garden remain, including towering yew hedges and an arboretum full of unusual trees and shrubs where I photographed some of the most interesting autumnal berries I have seen this year.  The top of the yew was scarlet with berries looking wonderful against the clear blue sky.

    In the arboretum there were two small trees that intrigued me and had me searching through my books trying to identify them.  I think the blue-grey berries are on a type of privet – probably Ligustrum lucidum  while the other appears to be a large-leaved species cotoneaster laden with  bunches of rosy red fruit.  I do enjoy a bit of plant detection.