• Asgard Sheds

    14th December 2013Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    metal shed from asgard Our garden is pretty secure thanks to a high wall with access only through a door with an entryphone, so shed security isn’t an issue at home, but the allotment is another matter entirely and we have regular break-ins. Sometimes it’s just vandalism, but from time to time they make off with all of the equipment that is stored within the locked shed. The last break in took place a week ago, so we are now reviewing security and considering whether we should store the expensive items inside a high-security metal shed. The 6×3 shed costs £576, but if it means that we can hold on to the allotment equipment it will soon pay for itself. If your mower is your pride and joy and you simply couldn’t do without your shredder, it might make a good investment in a domestic garden too. Thieves always prefer easy targets.

    screengrab of asgard sheds Asgard Sheds manufacture insurance-approved sheds that have several security features to defeat determined thieves including a 5-point locking system with a pick resistant lock. It will fit inside the large shed at the allotment and provide a second line of defence, or we could place it elsewhere on the site, well away from the entrance.