• Agapanthus Insulation

    22nd November 2013Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    deciduous grass in need of tidying up It’s great when the garden provides a convenient solution to a problem. Even here at the coast, my evergreen agapanthus have suffered a bit in the recent really cold winters, but this year they recovered well thanks to the good summer. To ensure they stay that way, I bought some fleece jackets for when snow threatens (it can freeze and rot the crown) but I really don’t want to leave them in place all winter – they aren’t exactly pretty. As I was tidying the deciduous grasses it occurred to me that their foliage would make a perfect layer of insulation to tuck around the agapanthus. So now they are all tucked up and cosy and looking much more attractive than if they were confined to a white bag for the entirety of the winter. grass to protect agapanthus roots dried grass insulates top of plant pot from frost