• A Useful Bit of Kit

    1st September 2016GeneralStephanie Donaldson

    Sometimes a piece of equipment proves so useful that I want to share its virtues. Much as I would love to have a fully installed irrigation system, the disruption and expense mean this is unlikely ever to happen. With a hillside garden on different levels, dragging a hose around usually results in kinks and bad language, but now I use a Hozelock multi-tap connector, life is so much easier. The connector is next to my one outside tap. From there I have run a connecting length  of hose (discreetly hidden)  to each of three reels in different areas of the garden. Each of the reels is clipped on to a Take Anywhere Tap (from Darlac).  All I have to do is select which area of the garden I want to water by turning on the outdoor tap and switching the flow to the appropriate hose and hey presto, stress free watering. kit,garden kit take anywhere tap